Hello to our friends in food!

If you know Datassential, you know that we’ve always been a company driven by ideas – ours and especially yours. They are our lifeblood, and we’ve worked hard to create a culture that encourages taking a leap on new ideas we truly believe in, even if they seem impossible at first. Well, we have lots of ideas we’re incredibly passionate about these days, and we’ve just received a major investment from Spectrum Equity that will enable us to pursue more of them than ever before.

This means many amazing new solutions for you in the months ahead, and we couldn’t be more excited.

Here’s just a small taste of what’s to come:


New global insights. You’ll soon have awesome new global data available in your Datassential toolbox. We’re launching MenuTrends for 12 new countries at this month’s Foodscape, plus many more over the course of the next year. But that’s just the start – look for global editions of FLAVOR, SCORES, and more. And did you know that Datassential can already help you with consumer and operator research in more than 75 countries?


Amazing SNAP upgrades. Over the coming months, you’ll discover some game-changing new features in SNAP, and the innovation will only accelerate from there. As someone with inside knowledge of what we’re working on, I can tell you that we’ve got some awesome new stuff planned that we think you’ll love. Oh, and be sure to join us at Foodscape for a fun preview.


AI that supercharges *your* data. Haiku™ launched in SNAP three years ago, and we’re now expanding our artificial intelligence platform to also help with your own internal data. Think of it like having a personal team of data scientists to forecast sales, identify your best new customer leads, optimize your marketing activity, and much more.


Even more experts for you. We think we’ve got the best people in the business, and 100% of both our management team and staff at every level will continue forward to serve you. Beyond this, we’re also growing our teams across the board – which means more bright analysts, custom researchers, product engineers, and food industry expertise that flows directly to you.

Datassential is all about nimbleness, innovation, and supporting you with a team that truly knows your business. And now we’re going to supercharge all of that for you – myself, the entire management team, and 100% of our great staff are hard at work to create new jaw-dropping solutions that will make your life even easier.

Thank you for your amazing partnership. We think you’re really going to love what we have planned.

Jack & your friends at Datassential