The Evolving C-Store:New Opportunities
This report details how c-stores can compete more effectively within foodservice – transforming from a place of convenience into a truly compelling destination. As consumer snacking occasions continue to increase, c-stores are well positioned to grow their foodservice programs. With the right data and understanding of the opportunities and limitations within the unique c-store space, suppliers and store operators can work together to strategically grow their businesses.
C-stores have long suffered from a negative perception with consumers, but c-store operators are keen on changing those perceptions and taking an ever larger piece of the AFH foodservice market. These operators are eager to grow their foodservice business and are looking to suppliers for help. This report will help manufacturers and distributors to present c-stores with concrete tactics that will allow them to expand their foodservice business within the constraints faced by most c-stores (such as freshness perceptions and limited physical space).

The results of this research can help c-stores as well as their manufacturer suppliers and distributors to best position c-store foodservice programs to compete with QSRs, fast casual operations, and supermarket deli/prepared food areas. This report covers everything from current habits and opportunities, to the long-term goals of c-stores and the expectations of c-store consumers.
Topics Covered
  • C-store visitation and traffic
  • Purchase and consumption habits
  • C-stores vs. QSRs, Fast Casual, and other segments
  • Venue selection factors
  • Purchase dynamics
  • Program-specific enhancement preference
  • Consumer customization wants
  • Promotion usage and desires
  • Consumer needs and opportunities
  • Operator offerings
  • Operator needs and supplier requests
  • Identify how to help c-stores better position against QSRs and other competitors
  • Pinpoint expected areas of c-store growth and consumer unmet c-store needs
  • Utilize consumer c-store consumer purchase habits and motivators to maximize both store and product opportunities
  • Determine appropriateness of potential new c-store prepared food and beverage items
  • Uncover c-store operator unmet needs and wants from suppliers
  • Presentation-ready report
  • Feedback from over 2,000 monthly c-store consumers
  • Perspective from 75 c-store operators (purchase decision makers)
  • Designed by c-store experts
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Ability to add custom questions
  • Web presentation to your team
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