Their Hearts & Minds

We specialize in assessing not just consumer behavior, but also the underlying motivations that propel it. Our philosophy is that "the why" always drives "the what" – and it’s in the connecting of the two where true insights are formed.

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An Occasion-Based Model

Market segmentation can be quite effective, but ultimately it can only get you so far. Consumers live diverse lives with attitudes that shift by the day, by the hour, and even by the minute.

To account for this, we’ve adopted an occasion-based model that evaluates attitudes and behaviors situationally, in a way that more accurately reflects the various scenarios and decision points consumers face each day.

In foodservice, this means generating feedback within the context of specific dining occasions and motivators. While for retail purchases, it’s important to consider the dynamics of that shopping trip as well as each consumer’s household.

The Consumers You Need

Looking for frequent Applebee’s diners? Or how about Wal-mart shoppers? Or maybe it’s Publix customers that you’re interested in? Whether you’re looking for general consumer feedback or something much more specific, Datassential can target exactly the consumer profiles you need.

With access to over 15 million consumers, you have the flexibility to target specific demographic profiles, shopper types, as well as attitudinal / behavioral segments. Based on your objectives, we’ll design a sampling methodology that best answers your key business questions.

Global Perspectives

Datassential offers consumer research across more than 100 countries with full language translation capability. Access more than 15 million diversified respondents quickly and cost effectively; global sample can be deployed nearly instantaneously, with up to 50,000 respondents in a single day.

Our Analytics Promise

We believe great insights require a "do whatever it takes" approach to data analytics. So you’ll never be charged extra for "special analysis" – because we already view that as part of our core job.

Whether it’s market segmentation, conjoint simulation, max-diff, or hierarchical TURF, we’ll always go the extra mile to strengthen your insights.

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