GPOs: Opportunities & Challenges
Group Purchasing Organizations continue to grow their membership across a broad range of foodservice segments. Traditionally associated with healthcare and K-12, today GPOs are proliferating into other channels – from colleges to even restaurants. Beyond just price, what else is driving this membership growth? And how can manufacturers and distributors best defend against further margin erosion? The Datassential GPO Report explores the phenomenon in detail, with focused insights from operators, manufacturers, and distributors.
The largest opportunity for GPO membership growth is with the independent/street business operators, who are also the operators that provide the largest margins in the industry. Understanding how GPOs serve operators and what benefits GPOs provide will be essential for both distributors and manufacturers in order to work cooperatively and stem further margin erosion.

Datassential’s GPO report features feedback from operators, manufacturers, and distributors to form a 360-degree view of the market. GPOs are establishing a stronghold in the industry and this report will give suppliers the tools necessary to continue to maximize their own businesses given this change to the foodservice landscape. Rather focusing on the downsides of GPOs, the data in this report will allow suppliers to develop tactics that instead create new opportunities for their businesses.
Topics Covered
  • GPO participation rates by segment
  • Specific GPO’s used
  • Motivations for joining
  • Likelihood to join
  • Categories purchased through GPOs
  • Perceived gaps in GPO offerings
  • Notable disadvantages with GPOs
  • Realized cost savings & tradeoffs
  • Encroachment on other sources
  • Brand implications
  • Manufacturer & distributor strategies to defend against margin erosion
  • Determine what factors beyond price are driving GPO growth
  • Identify how manufacturers and distributors can work effectively with GPOs
  • Develop tactics to minimize industry margin erosion spurred by GPOs
  • Uncover GPO strengths and weaknesses
  • Understand the perceived limitation of GPOs and how manufacturers and distributors can effectively take advantage of those limitations
  • Presentation-ready report
  • Feedback from over 950 operators (purchase decision makers)
  • Perspective from over 40 manufacturers and over 25 distributors
  • Detailed profiles of top GPOs
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Ability to add custom questions
  • Web presentation to your team
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