MenuTrends INSIDER™

If chain restaurants are important to your business, take a closer look...

Monthly updates keep you in the know
INSIDER™ is updated each month with the latest new menu items, LTO's, and even test market products. There's no better way to stay current on key accounts and the latest chain restaurant trends.

Search your way. Browse the latest items with just a single click, or filter your search further by segment, food type, chain, time period, ingredient, or other keyword.

INSIDER™ makes it easy to find exactly what you need.

Know what's happening NOW

Keep track of developments at your target accounts as they happen.

INSIDER™ gives you full descriptions, pricing, and the status of each menu listing – whether it's a new item, LTO, or returning item.

Export to Excel. It's easy to take INSIDER™ with you; just click the "Excel" button to export your menu listings in a nicely formatted spreadsheet.

PhotoView™ brings menus to life

Menu listings are enhanced with pictures that enrich the visual experience. Photos can also be accessed in their original size and downloaded for your own presentations.

FoodWatch™ brings updates to your inbox

Too busy to log into the site on a regular basis? Simply set up a "watch list" of your target chains and menu categories; you'll receive an email update each month for the chains and foods you want to track.