How Operators Buy
You might know what they want… but do you really understand how operators buy?

While companies often have a good understanding of what operators want, we’ve found that there’s much less clarity around how operators buy. It’s an aspect of purchasing behavior that until now has been greatly unexplored, yet has a dramatic impact on a product’s chances for success. For companies to maximize the value of their marketing and sales activities, it’s crucial to understand this last step: how operators physically go about discovering and purchasing products.
The HOW OPERATORS BUY report provides several critical insights in this area. Most notably, the findings point to significant missed opportunities to educate and influence operators as they discover, evaluate, and purchase products. We believe the industry as a whole will benefit from greater collaboration between manufacturers and distributors to provide operators with a deeper and more consistent purchasing experience, particularly as it relates to online ordering. The data can also help prioritize marketing initiatives to best reflect how operators discover new products – whether it’s food shows, DSR training, or online activity.

HOW OPERATORS BUY explores the ins and outs of true purchasing behavior. Busy operators don’t always have time to consider all of the products and brands available to them. From online ordering to product cuttings, discover what really drives their purchase decisions each week. Fill in the missing piece of your sales & marketing puzzle.
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Topics Covered
  • GPO participation
  • Decision maker profiles
  • Distributor penetration & support
  • Menu planning software
  • Product selection criteria
  • Day part participation rates
  • Brand name perceptions
  • Nutritional concerns & menu impact
  • Parental concerns & wants
  • Healthy item requests
  • Nutrition labeling
  • Legislative reactions & impact
  • Work with K-12 operators to develop appropriate K-12 menu items
  • Learn how to increase product appeal in the unique K-12 landscape
  • Develop strategies to work within the unique confines of K-12
  • Leverage parent concerns and perceptions to create opportunities for operators
  • Presentation-ready report
  • Feedback from over 200 K-12 operators (purchase decision makers)
  • Perspective from over 500 parents of K-12 students
  • Overview of upcoming legislation
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Ability to add custom questions
  • Web presentation to your team