Datassential Optimize™
provides specific menu recommendations customized for operators.
Consumer preference data is captured and then tabulated live to determine the optimal menu mix for any target category: appetizers, soups, burgers, salads, sandwiches, pastas, and more.

Why Optimize™? Menus today are often cluttered with redundant dishes that all appeal to the same types of patrons.

For instance, an operator may have a dessert menu that’s filled with chocolate options – ignoring the needs of customers who prefer other flavors. Rather than adding another chocolate cake, that operator could have generated more incremental business with another item such as pecan pie.

The Optimize™ platform leverages the power of "non-overlapping appeal" – which determines the range that best appeals to consumers. Simply put, it maximizes menu efficiency and drives incremental sales.

Constantly bombarded by sales pitches and advertising, operators today want proof that the products and menu items you recommend will have a truly positive impact on their business.

Optimize™ quantifies this for you in a way that’s 100% customized for each specific target account – whether it’s a major chain, independent restaurant, or institutional location.

Customized Recommendations. The menu optimization process is tailored specifically for each operator based on segment and geographic area. Rather than simply reporting industry trends, you can now provide a fully customized set of menu recommendations for each target account.

A TRUE Profit Calculator. Optimize™ takes the profit calculator to the next level by integrating it directly with live research data. The revenue and profit impact of each menu recommendation is displayed automatically and customized based on each operator’s current sales and cost structure.

Optimize™ includes a suite of tools that further enhance the experience:

Authoritative MenuTrends. The most popular and fastest growing foods & flavors are also detailed for each target menu category. The information is based on Datassential MenuTrends™, the definitive source for menu data with tracking of more than 6,000 North American restaurants.

Integrated Examples. Recommended menu changes are supported with fully-described menu listings from Datassential MenuTrends™. This is a great way to help operators customize, position, and describe your recommended new offerings.

Tip Calculator. Quantify the financial benefit for wait staff with the built-in tip calculator. Show them how optimizing their menu with your ideas puts more money in their pocket.

Work Live or Offline. Menu optimizations can be conducted live at the operator’s facility, or prepared ahead of time with a printed leave-behind.

Usage Reporting. Easy-to-use reports give you the power to monitor usage by your sales reps, brokers, and other authorized agents.

For more information, please contact:
Mark DiDomenico Client Solutions


With Optimize™, you’ll receive a custom-built site that fully reflects your company’s branding – all incorporating your color scheme, graphical elements, and overall style.


Fully Expandable.
Start with as many menu categories as you need, and then expand as you go. Your Optimize™ site is 100% scalable as a central resource for optimizing any part of the

Showcase Your Products.
Menu recommendations can be linked to
your specific product SKU’s. If you’re a sauce
manufacturer, for instance,
a recommendation to add a "teriyaki chicken sandwich" can link to information about your teriyaki sauce products.


Branded Your Way.
Optimize™ can also handle your special branding needs – such as incorporating multiple brands, videos, or any other content – to deliver a more compelling user