Consumer ratings

for every new item & LTO from top chains

That’s hundreds of new items each month and thousands every year – powered by 2 million individual consumer ratings.

Now you can track not only what chains are adding to their menus, but also what consumers think about each of those items.

6 metrics to predict success

SCORES is the world’s largest continuous concept test, with hundreds of new menu items added every month.

Each item is evaluated by 500 consumers providing feedback on purchase intent, appeal, uniqueness, frequency, draw, and value.

Full demographic analysis

Ratings for each SCORES item are reported by key consumer subgroups – gender, generation, ethnicity, income, and region.

Benchmark & warehouse your concepts

Normative benchmarks are provided for every item in SCORES by segment, item type, and more. What’s more, these norms are based on comparisons with other items that have actually made it onto the menu.

Have a concept you want to test?

With SCORES, you can warehouse its results in a private secure database visible only to your company – with full benchmark reporting versus the thousands of other menu items captured in SCORES.

Dashboard Detail PDFs

Export a 2-page summary of any menu item with full score details, benchmark comparisons, and demographic analysis.

Use as a leave behind when working with your internal teams, operator customers, and other collaborators.

Download a sample dashboard:

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