Supermarkets: A New Foodservice Frontier
As consumers look for more and more convenient and affordable AFH food options, supermarket prepared food and beverage departments are well-poised to capture a larger share of the market. But what do consumers expect from supermarket prepared food departments? And how can suppliers help supermarkets become a dining destination? This report outlines how supermarkets can leverage what makes them different from other AFH venues in order to attract new customers and increase purchases and visitation among current customers.
Supermarkets are uniquely positioned as a foodservice destination since they are already a frequent packaged foods destination. Unlike other venues, supermarket prepared food departments have a large number of potential customers who enter their store for other items, but may not yet be regular prepared food buyers. These operators are seeking tactics to convert these consumers who may be "browsers" of their prepared food items into buyers. This report looks at what triggers purchases and how to increase sales among current prepared food buyers and also how to increase trial among non-buyers.

This report also gives supermarkets and suppliers an understanding of the current perceptions of supermarket prepared foods and uncovers untapped opportunities. Insights are centered on supermarket prepared food visitation habits, purchase habits, and consumption habits, both overall and by daypart. Report findings offer insights into issues that are specific to supermarkets such as packaging, "store within a store" concepts, and in-store seating. Whether it is regarding a deli counter, cold salad bar, or hot soup bar, this report provides actionable findings that allow supermarkets to more effectively compete in the rapidly changing foodservice space.
Topics Covered
  • Supermarket prepared food department visitation and traffic
  • Purchase and consumption habits
  • Comparison of Supermarkets vs. QSR, Fast Casual, Family Dining, and other segments
  • Supermarket selection factors
  • Purchase dynamics (by item, daypart, etc.)
  • Consumer interest in specific items
  • Operator offerings
  • Operator needs and supplier requests
  • Identify how to help supermarkets better position against their key competitors
  • Pinpoint expected areas of supermarket prepared food department growth and consumer unmet needs
  • Utilize consumer purchase habits and motivators to help supermarkets maximize prepared food and beverage sales
  • Determine appropriateness of potential new supermarket prepared food and beverage items
  • Uncover supermarket operator unmet needs and wants from suppliers
  • Presentation-ready report
  • Datassential's exclusive iDEA tabulation tool
  • Feedback from over 2,000 regular supermarket shoppers (majority are also regular prepared food or beverage buyers)
  • Perspective from 75 supermarket prepared food department operators (purchase decision makers)
  • Surveys and content designed by supermarket/deli experts
  • Statistical significance testing
  • Discount on your own custom supermarket prepared foods questions in an upcoming consumer omnibus
  • OPTIONAL: Web presentation to your team
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