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Concept Ideation

Create and Validate Ideas in Real Time

Blending culinary art and data science

CONCEPT IDEATION is the food and beverage industry’s AI-powered culinary canvas that provides instant, data-backed feedback to refine and optimize every aspect of concept innovation. Elevate your ideation process like never before with an immediate view of target audience appeal, plus ingredient-level and trend-stage insights.

On-trend and craveable innovation

Discover how this cutting-edge platform can exponentially elevate your ideation process – try CONCEPT IDEATION today to maximize creativity and bring winning new ideas to life. 


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Validate as you innovate

CONCEPT IDEATION saves valuable time and unlocks game-changing insights as you innovate, enabling users to start with real-world and AI-generated ideas to get the creative juices flowing and create truly impactful new food and beverage concepts. Transform ideas into reality with ease and precision, and revolutionize the way you create with powerful AI-powered insights at your fingertips.

Generate eye-catching images

In our visual world, images are crucial to accompany concept ideas to illustrate the crave-factor, so CONCEPT IDEATION users can instantly generate downloadable images of concept ideas to use in presentation decks, customer meetings, concept testing, and more.


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Don’t miss out on the next big thing.

Our clients were early to market with gochujang, salted caramel, turmeric, and kale.


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