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Custom Research

Adelin RYAN

Custom Research


Publications & Special Research

Ann works on both Datassential’s custom research projects and syndicated reports. She had written in-depth syndicated reports on everything from the changing K-12 menu to the continued impact of GPOs. Ann has experience using both consumer and operator findings in concert to draw a complete picture of industry challenges and opportunities.


Special Data Projects

Becky is part of Datassential’s web development team, bringing new and innovative views for the customer research products. She has several years’ experience working with multiple custom development projects and showcasing client support needs.

Brian DARR

Custom Research, Monthly Omnibus and Publications

Brian is part of Datassential’s custom research team focusing on foodservice related projects as well as heading up the company’s omnibus program and publications efforts. Brian has research and consulting experience across a wide range of areas, including attitude/awareness/usage, consumer behavior, industry trends/ the menu adoption cycle and industry channel studies.
Brian has 25 years of industry experience, with the last 10 years as a Managing Director at Datassential. Brian was instrumental in establishing the Innovators database in MenuTrends, the quarterly TIPS trend report, Datassential’s omnibus programs and the company’s publications efforts. Additionally, Brian has spoken at a wide variety of industry conferences, manufacturer sales and marketing meetings and operator and retailer presentations.

Caroline TRIAY

Menu Trends

Christin GROH


Christin joined the Datassential’s MenuTrends team in 2013. With over 15 years market research experience in the food industry, Christin has worked with a number of different food manufacturers. One of her key areas of experience is utilizing syndicated data sources to provide actionable insights to clients.


Custom Research

Claire is part of Datassential’s custom research team, working on both foodservice and consumer goods initiatives. Claire has experience in both quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and feels that the two compliment one another. She loves going through free response portion of surveys, notes from focus groups, etc. to find the phrases that make the quantitative numbers pop.


Managing Director

Deron QUON

Client Solutions

Deron is responsible for client solutions and industry partnerships. Deron has many years of experience providing custom research solutions for food manufacturers, restaurant operators, advertising agencies, and industry associations. He has also helped develop tracking studies and syndicated research platforms.
He is a Co-Founder of Datassential and has a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) designation. Deron holds a BA degree in economics from Yale University.


Chief Technology Officer

Haroon heads up our Dynamo division, managing a talented team of artists and developers. Haroon has worked on a number of key products including BUZZ, Firefly, and AdVantage – with a singular focus on bringing great data to life. Haroon also works directly on a variety of custom client applications, directing both design and technical development.


Senior Director - MenuTrends

Jana heads up Datassential’s MenuTrends platform, delving into trends and helping clients better understand the foodservice environment. Jana provides insights to manufacturers, distributers, and operators including sales, marketing, and culinary to support new and current product introductions as well as provide insight on trends impacting their business.
Jana can be found out in the field working with clients, presenting at meetings, and supervising output of core MenuTrends deliverables – TIPS, Foodbytes, MenuTrends INSIDER, as well as core and specialty databases (Food Trucks, Canada, Innovators).



Mike is part of Datassential’s publications team, managing the company’s wide range of TrendSpotting Reports. He combines a passion for researching and synthesizing food trends with Datassential’s MenuTrends, Omnibus, and other data-driven platforms in order to give clients a full, accurate, and insightful picture of the latest trends in the foodservice industry. His work at Datassential combines his early education and career in journalism, writing, and political communications with his recent MA in gastronomy from Boston University. He is also the founder of Chicago Food Bloggers, the city’s largest food blogger network.