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2024 Simply Smarter Webinar Series

On the 2nd Thursday of each month, join the Datassential team and your industry peers for the latest food and beverage trends, technology, and macro forces for the coming year and beyond.

Note: if you already registered for one webinar in the 2024 Simply Smarter series, there’s no need to register again.

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Health and the Food & Beverage Industry

Thursday, March 14th at 12 pm CT

Dive into a discussion on the state of health in the food and beverage industry and gain insights into the latest healthy eating trends. Explore consumer behavioral data beyond just food, including nutrition and exercise. Stay informed and make data-driven decisions to meet the evolving needs of health-conscious consumers.

Datassential experts will share:

  • How the definition of “healthy” is changing (yet again) in 2024
  • Surprising consumer behavioral data around health today
  • Health insights from outside the food industry and how they could suggest what’s ahead
  • How operators can glean consumer insights from trends outside of food

About the Simply Smarter Series


Thousands of your industry peers meet monthly to explore the latest foods, technology, and macro forces for the coming year and beyond.

Each month our Datassential experts lead a lively and informative discussion on current industry trends, news, consumer research, and more. From annual and seasonality food trends to foodservice industry forecasts and chain intelligence, this is an event you don’t want to miss!  

You only need to register once for the monthly series calendar invite.


January 11 – 2024 Trends Event April 11 July 7 October 10
February 8 – Spring Trends May 9 August 8 November 14
March 14 – Health in the Food Industry June 13 September 12 December 12
January 9, 2025