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2024 Top 500 Restaurant Chain Report

Discover the top restaurant chains dominating the industry. Our data-driven insights reveal the strategies fueling their remarkable growth. Boost your own success by learning from these leading brands.

The 2024 Datassential 500

Here’s your ticket to a closer look at the performance of the nation’s largest restaurant chains, including how segment leaders, largest and fastest-growing chains, have navigated their way through a year of labor, supply and other challenges.

Datassential’s highly-anticipated top 500 restaurant chains report, the Datassential 500 (formerly the Firefly 500+), will offer you an insider’s view of their performance and a look at how it’s shaking up the industry.

The biggest chains raised prices faster than smaller competitors – did it pay off in overall sales? Did the biggest restaurant companies get bigger yet again? And what does this mean for consumers?

We’ll also offer a glimpse at the impact of broader industry themes like the regions with the most chain openings last year, how industry segments grew last year and by how much, and a fascinating look at consumer perceptions and what brands are leading the way across key rankings like affordability, value and net promoter score.

What’s inside?

  • The changes at the top: Which chains overtook their rivals in a race to win consumers’ dollars – by units and by sales
  • The fastest-growing foodservice chains in the U.S. – and what they say about what consumers really want
  • The broadening gap between the biggest chains, and their smaller competitors

Highlights from this issue:

  • The brewing beverage boom – coffee and an exciting new extra
  • The stunning surge of one fast-growing global cuisine
  • Changes at the top: the one chain that moved higher by units and by sales