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2024 Food Trends Preview

Explore the top foods and flavors to know for 2024 and beyond.

They’re here… the foods and flavors to know for 2024 and beyond!

Capping off a decade of food and flavor forecasts, where we’ve accurately predicted the growth of ingredients including yuzu, ube and gochujang using troves of data from multiple sources, and backed them up with support from our AI-trends prediction tool.

By filling out the form on the right, you’ll get access to a preview of the Annual Trend report we produce each year, including full lists of foods and flavors to watch for 2024 and beyond. And new this year is a list of 10 foods and flavors that are ripe to incorporate on menus right now.

Also featured in the annual trends preview are key consumer survey results across topics from health and value to prices. You’ll get consumers’ latest opinions on healthy ingredients, lab-grown meat, general optimism on the year head and an update on post-COVID behavior.

You’ll also hear more about what we’re calling the cuisine of 2024, European 2.0, as well as a fascinating look at food trend comebacks.

Generational and operational trends are packed in this preview as well, so download your copy today!

What’s inside?

  • Black garlic and ponzu could be worth putting on your menu this year
  • Spam may be making a new life for itself in 2024
  • Add tang with this pickled green mango sauce, amba, in the years ahead
  • 63% of consumers are optimistic about the year ahead
  • Half of consumers say delivery is too expensive

A few insights from this report:

  • 34% of consumers say they treat themselves to an indulgent food treat a few times a week
  • 49% of consumers want operators to drop credit card fees
  • 27% of consumers say they will likely wear a mask in public due to COVID in 2024
  • 18% of consumers have worn a clothing item from a food brand