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Menu MVPs: Top Dishes at Major Chains

See what menu items are high-scorers and get other trendy tidbits from our concept testing database that includes nearly 40,000 menu items.

The keys to create a winning menu

In this report, take inspiration from the new menu items, limited-time offers, and test items released by major restaurant chains that rank highest in our SCORES database, which ranks concepts based on consumers’ views of six key metrics including purchase intent, draw, and value. You’ll discover what consumers most want to purchase, what they rank the most unique, and insights including what price point most consumers call a “good value.” Plus, you’ll gain insight on generational preferences and updates on hot menu items, like chicken sandwiches. 

What’s covered in this issue:

  • Highest ranking menu items from major restaurant chains
  • Breakdown of winning items, from pizza to desserts
  • The magic price point that equals a “good value”
  • Generational views on what menu items draw them in
  • New menu items consumers crave
  • The status of the chicken sandwich wars

Get ideas and inspiration for menu or product lines

Well over 4,500 new LTOs, new menu items, and test items launched at major chains last year. See what scored well with consumers.

Menu categories covered in this issue


2023 Menu Winners at Major Chains