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The Keys to a Winning Menu

Learn where to focus innovation efforts, keys to customer satisfaction, and much more.


What Customers Want on a Menu

What do consumers really want in a menu? And what makes them try new things? You’ll find the answers to these questions and much more in this free preview of our just-released Menu Development keynote report – the must-have rundown of the latest research you need to adjust your menu to make it more craveable and enticing to customers of all ages. 

By filling out the form to the right, you’ll get access to a trove of consumer and operator survey results, including how consumers pick a restaurant before they walk in the door, how likely they are to choose something new, how often operators change their menus to keep options fresh, and how that is expected to change going forward. 

Consider this report your ticket to more satisfied customers. Get your copy today!

Here’s what else you can learn:

  • The importance of LTOs and specials
  • Top menu requests from suppliers
  • Why and how often operators switch up menu items
  • Key consumer responses on menu choice motivation

A few insights from the report:

  • 42% of consumers always check menus before deciding where to dine
  • 70% of consumers are motivated to choose a restaurant based on price
  • 47% of consumers say premium/high-end ingredients are important