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Nibble on Snack Trends

Take a bite out of insights from our Snacking keynote report.

Snack Trends Consumers Crave

Three squares a day just doesn’t do it for most consumers today: It’s all about the snack, and sometimes, even a couple of snacks eaten together to make a meal.

Snacks are not just popular to consumers on their own – potato chips and popcorn being the most loved – but snacks are also a great way for operators to experiment with new trends. Consumers are more willing to try bold out-of-the-box flavors for smaller meal occasions, like snacks and appetizers.

Consumers, eager for fresh and innovative foods, also say that new snacks will get them even more excited for a main course, alongside which more than half are sold.

And sky’s the limit when it comes to creating new snacks – two-thirds of consumers think that anything can be a snack. And don’t turn your nose up at noshing on snacks – almost half (49%) of consumers say that snacking is an important part of healthy eating.

There are many more snacking insights from consumers and operators in this engaging report, including some examples or standout snacks on retail shelves and a dynamic look at how snack motivators vary by generations.

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What’s inside?

  • How consumers’ snacking frequency has changed
  • Insights on consumers’ snacking habits
  • New standout snacks at retail
  • Operators’ stunning views on the profitability of snacks

A few insights from this report:

  • 78% of operators say snacks are profitable
  • 42% of consumers are likely to order a slice of pizza as a snack
  • More than half (51%) of Gen Z consumers choose a snack for indulgence