Amazing reports, instantly

Build the slides you need with the freedom to customize and simplify your reporting needs, instantly. SCORES is streamlined, zero-wait reporting – export presentation-ready reports for any item in under 3 seconds.

The gold standard for concept testing

Streamline your innovation process from early concept vetting to diving deep into developed ideas. With tailored testing options and robust consumer groups, SCORES is the gold standard in concept testing.

Express Screen

  • Quickly screen early ideas
  • Prioritize variants of the same underlying concept
  • 300 consumers per concept
  • Test for purchase intent, uniqueness, and draw

Full Concept Test

  • Detailed assessment of developed concepts & ideas
  • 1,000 consumers per concept
  • Extensive battery of concept success metrics
  • Open-ended likes and dislikes
  • Full demographic analysis


  • Comprehensive assessment of developed ideas
  • 2,000 consumers per concept
  • Expanded array of consumer-driven concept success metrics
  • Open-ended likes and dislikes
  • Full demographical analysis

The world’s

best norms

Understand true performance with norms, not raw scores. Purposeful concept testing needs norms that matter and SCORES provides the best benchmarks against real-world menu items with a robust representative sample. Instead of benchmarking to other concepts, benchmark to what’s launched and formulate your best basis for forecasting.

Results in as fast as 24 hours

Elevate your research with the most agile and accurate, always-on concept testing with instantaneous reporting. It’s fieldwork – fast.

Customize your Sample

Generate information that you can actually use and customize your samples to reflect what you need to know. Target demographics, regions, chain specific consumers and even locality to optimize your sampling.

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