Expert Qualitative & Quantitative Insights

With more than 1,000 foodservice operator studies conducted during the past decade, Datassential is the industry's most reliable source of decision maker feedback.

OPERA™: The Industry’s Largest Operator Panel

OPERA™ is the only foodservice research panel that delivers unbiased feedback across a broad sample base. Other research companies have been known to solicit operator surveys via loyalty databases and publication mailing lists – inherently biased sources that can lead to dangerously unrepresentative feedback.

Good research requires accurate data, which is why we’ve built OPERA™ from the ground up solely for the purpose of conducting foodservice research – safeguarded from the respondent skews that plague other agencies.

With over 30,000 purchase decision makers, Datassential’s OPERA™ panel offers unprecedented unparalleled access to the opinions that matter most.

Whether your target is QSR, fine dining, or healthcare, OPERA™ is there to answer your business questions. OPERA™ panelists are available for any data methodology – online surveys, focus groups, in-stores tests, and more.

Uniquely Objective

Verified On-Site. OPERA™ panelists are double-opted into the panel, and each is profiled and then phone-verified at their place of employment. Furthermore, re-verification takes place around the year – so we keep track of people who change jobs, switch employers, or even leave the industry entirely; we worry about it so you don’t have to.

200+ Operator Studies per Year

Nobody knows operator research as well as Datassential. We’ve developed a unique expertise in knowing which questions to ask, the best way to word them, and how to interpret the results.

While operator and consumer research may share a number of common metrics (purchase intent, hedonic, unaided awareness, etc.), the benchmarks that apply in each case can be remarkably different. We understand this intimately well, and provide deeply contextualized analysis that enables you to clearly determine what’s good, what’s bad, and what the numbers all mean.

Extensive Category Expertise.

Datassential’s senior research managers have each worked on hundreds of foodservice operator studies across a vast array of categories. Our foodservice experience includes:

Frozen entrees Dispensed beverage Desserts Oils & Shortenings
Pizza SS & bulk beverage Frozen treats Soup bases
Appetizers & sides Juices Breakfast bakery Dry mix
Soup Coffee & tea Snack foods Cheese
Meat & poultry Soft drinks Dessert inclusions Breakfast meats
Seafood & shellfish Ethnic sauces Nuts Packaging
Produce Jams & jellies Deli meats Condiments
Breakfast cereal Creamers & sweeteners Pasta Disposables
Tomato products Milk & dairy Egg products Portion control
Dressings Spices & seasonings RTE sandwiches Speed scratch
Pickles & relish Ethnic foods Handheld foods Cooking equipment
Our Analytics Promise

We believe great insights require a "do whatever it takes" approach to data analytics. So you’ll never be charged extra for "special analysis" – because we already view that as part of our core job.

Whether it’s market segmentation, conjoint simulation, max-diff, or hierarchical TURF, we’ll always go the extra mile to strengthen your insights.

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