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Food Manufacturers

Boost Sales with Data-Driven Innovation and Smarter Selling Tools

Be the #1 Supplier and Trusted Partner

From R&D to Sales and Marketing, Datassential’s easy to use and actionable data enables all types of manufacturing companies to stay on top of trends, innovate, and sell products more effectively.

Capitalize on Menu & Ingredient Trends

Know the market and stay ahead of the next big trend. Analyze any food, flavor, or ingredient — from plant-based to pizza.

Drive New Product Development

Take the guesswork out of innovation with the gold standard in consumer concept testing and validate ideas before going to market.

Prospect the Right Leads, Increase Your Market Share

Use Operator Intelligence on over 9 million foodservice operators globally to identify targets quicker, discover whitespace, and collaborate more effectively with customers.

Improve Brand Equity

Analyze every aspect of the consumer experience at chain restaurants and provide recommendations based on consumer ratings, location strategy, LTO activity, menu gap analysis, and more.

Build Compelling Stories with Proprietary Research

Uncover distinct changes to consumer and operator attitudes with market-specific data and leverage custom brand insights in pitches, launch plans, and menu or shelf placement conversations.

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Be the sales meeting your operators never decline

If you’re looking to reach operators in a new market or better support chains that use your product, we can help.

Be the sales superstar and save time and money with faster prospect targeting and smarter selling using the industry’s most powerful operator intelligence.

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Develop winning concepts with confidence

Take the guesswork out of innovation. Know exactly what ingredients and flavors you should be considering during your ideation sessions and test concepts before going to market or pitching to an operator.

Standardize your innovation process and continually roll out winning products, menu items, and recipes — every time.

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Be the go-to partner for insights

  • Explore thousands of reports built by industry experts — from culinary deep dives to foodservice segment recovery guides
  • Build your own bespoke analysis of any food, flavor or menu item
  • Identify items that appeal to specific demographic groups or brand visitors

Trusted by IFMA and leveraged by leading food and beverage manufacturers,  Datassential can help build your food story.

Don’t miss out on the next big thing

Our clients were early to market with gochujang, salted caramel, turmeric, and kale.


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