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Food Industry Insights

Access ​​Actionable Food Industry Insights in Presentation-Ready Packaging

Turn inspiration into action with billions of F&B data points artfully and expertly analyzed

Leverage Industry-Best Menu Data

Simply start typing any food or beverage term, topic, or ingredient and our AI-driven platform will take it from there.

Predict Trends Years Before They Happen

Monitor emerging food, ingredient, and beverage trends so you can innovate and sell with confidence.

Build a Craveable Innovation Pipeline

Access thousands of inspirational reports covering the latest foods, beverages, and flavors.

Target Any Industry Segment

Leverage segment-specific data for all foodservice segments and CPG — from QSR to on-site and convenience to retail.

Future-Forward Insights

With trends continuing to move at a faster pace, our team of data scientists and food industry researchers enable you to identify and monitor cutting-edge foods, ingredients, and concepts before they become mainstream.

Whether you want to understand the popularity of plant-based eating among a specific demographic or uncover the latest trends in alcoholic beverage, we have the answer.


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Menu Trend Monitoring

Know where a food, flavor, or ingredient is on the trend curve and when it is ideal for your audience with Datassential’s proprietary Menu Adoption Cycle (MAC).

A trend’s life is defined by where it shows up on the MAC — starting with Inception at fine dining restaurants and eventually finding its way to Ubiquity in mainstream supermarket shelves and beyond.

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10 Million Menu Examples

Unlock limitless moments of inspiration and fuel your innovation with the largest library of menu examples at your fingertips.

Industry Expertise

Engage more effectively with customers using market-level insights and data to inform your strategy. Infuse empathy into your approach by researching consumer-specific and operator-specific needs and concerns that could impact your business — get the 30,000 foot view or hone in on each industry segment.

Access over 1,000 reports built by industry experts, with fresh content added weekly

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Here’s a taste of what you’ll find…

30000 +

food profiles for instant download

4000 +

foods and flavors tracked for experience & affinity

10 +

years of menu trends history

Don’t miss out on the next big thing

Our clients were early to market with gochujang, salted caramel, turmeric, and kale.


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