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Sales Intelligence

Discover New Customers and Boost Your Conversion Rate

Sell smarter with the world’s largest database of foodservice operator profiles and market intelligence

Size the Operator Universe

Solidify a winning sales strategy using location-level data on over 9 million foodservice operators in 60 countries.

Target Prospects Faster

Streamline lead qualification and prioritization with our operator lead scoring system powered by 100+ restaurant attributes.

Double Your Conversion Rate

Turn cold calls into consultative sales engagements with actionable operator-specific insights. 

Leverage Relevant Insights

Use best-in-class insights to deliver a competitive advantage and be a true consultant to your customers.

Boost Team Performance

Collaborate more effectively across your organization and improve sales team management.

Increase ROI

Track your success through intuitive penetration analysis by market or segment.

With millions of foodservice operators across the globe, which should you target first?

Datassential’s all-in-one prospecting and operator intelligence solution covers 9 million locations globally across multiple foodservice segments, including restaurants, universities, hospitals, senior living facilities, and more.

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Sell Smarter, Grow Faster

Seamlessly harmonize data from multiple sources to surface actionable insights that will amplify your sales strategy.

  • Access a personalized dashboard to consistently monitor markets and identify white space
  • Identify your most valuable prospects amongst thousands of operator profiles by scoring leads and filtering across 100+ attributes
  • Improve the success of initial sales outreach by leveraging market research and operator insights

Deliver Solutions, Not Just Products

Access location-level insights and data for over 9 million operators to build trust and add value from the very first interaction.

  • Elevate your knowledge of the customer and your confidence by building deeper, more accurate profiles
  • Understand an operator’s preferences, unmet needs, and local market profile to have more fruitful conversions
  • Develop strongly personalized, highly relevant outreach strategies to activate operator engagement

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Empower your sales team with the all-in-one prospecting tool

Join the Smart Selling Revolution and get started on your competitive advantage. Uncover your most profitable prospects with location-level insights for over 9 million operators across 60+ countries.

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60 +

countries worth of intelligence

100 +

key attributes tracked

9000000 +

searchable records for sales targeting

White Paper

Transform Your Foodservice Sales with Actionable Data

To be effective in today’s world, manufacturers and distributors must find innovative ways to support operators. Successfully stepping into a consultative role that spans beyond traditional sales can be a challenge and takes more effort, but can completely transform your foodservice sales.

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Our operator intelligence powers IFMA ScopeSM

IFMA ScopeSM is a portal that provides users access to data and insights across the entire scope of the foodservice landscape – including the International Foodservice Manufacturers Association’s industry and segment forecasts.

Learn more about IFMA ScopeSM

Ready to Sell Smarter?

Access the world’s largest database of foodservice operator profiles and market intelligence.


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