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Foodservice Operators

Validate Trends, Innovate with Confidence, Know Your Brand

Power Your Innovation and Competitive Advantage

From R&D to Marketing to F&B Directors, Datassential’s easy-to-use and actionable data enables operators of all types — national chain restaurants, on-site, c-stores, retail — to predict trends, innovate, test ideas, and better understand your brand.

Know the Trend

If you find yourself asking questions like “What are the most popular food, beverage, and ingredient trends?”, “What does the restaurant or grocery store of the future look like?”, “What flavors are growing on menus?” or “What seasonal offerings are loved by consumers?”, we can help you answer that.

Be the food and beverage trends expert with reliable and market-specific insights in presentation-ready reports.

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Menu Development Made Easy

If you find yourself asking questions like “What ingredients or flavors should I be considering during my ideation session?” or “How do I differentiate my burger, pizza or chicken sandwich menu item?”, we can help you.

Standardize your innovation process and continually roll out winning products, menu items, and recipes.

Launch Winning Concepts

If you find yourself asking questions like “How should I test a concept with consumers before going to market?” ,“How do I find inspiration to leverage recent trends?, or “Will the consumers I’m targeting like my item?”,  we can help you.

Test and launch unique and desirable menu items that consumers love before the competition.

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Seats and table at Chinese fast food restaurant, shallow focus

Analyze the Competition

If you find yourself asking questions like “Where are my competitors investing?”, “How do I identify menu gaps and white space opportunities quickly?”, or “How do my LTOs stack up to the competition?”,  we can help you.

Benchmark your brand’s performance and uncover new menu opportunities.

Don’t miss out on the next big thing

Our clients were early to market with Gochujang, Salted Caramel, Turmeric, and Kale.


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