How it all began…

Datassential was founded in 1999 by a few idealistic friends focused on the pursuit of a single mission; to help the food & beverage industry make simply smarter decisions. By embracing big data and software, our small company has grown and empowered hundreds of leading food & beverage manufacturers, retailers and operators to more effectively develop, market and sell their products.



Develop and deliver transformational products through our suite of innovation software-driven by the industry’s largest menu and consumer affinity database, spanning over 100,000 menus globally.


Equip your sales and marketing teams with the data and tools they need to sell more effectively. With information on 1.5M+ unique foodservice locations, our operator database takes the pain out of growing.

Revolutionizing Research

Sometimes, software alone isn’t enough to get the job done. Datassential provides category-specific research and insights services on a multitude of key topics and trends.

It all starts with the menu

Food trends happen first on restaurant menus, and MenuTrends is the gold standard used by hundreds of food manufacturers, restaurant chains, and retailers. Uncover emerging flavors, monitor ongoing trends, and innovate with confidence. Track and analyze today’s hot food trends and forecast what’s to come.

Our Mission

Simply Smarter Decisions

We help food & beverage companies of all sizes and segments more effectively develop, launch and sell their new concepts by leveraging data. We believe innovation is the product of insight, and that both should be accessible to participants across the food & beverage industry, which is why we’re committed to facilitating inspiration through our products and services.

Remarkably easy and insanely flexible

MenuTrend’s interface is intuitive. Type in any keyword and instantly uncover segment, region, menu part and item type. Quickly and efficiently search out the most popular and fastest growing menu ingredients and dishes with customization that gives you the freedom to tailor your search to your exact needs.

10 million
menu examples

Unlock limitless moments of inspiration and fuel your innovation with the largest library of menu examples at your fingertips.

Our People

Building A Community of Awesomeness

Data is meaningless without human interpretation, creativity, and action. From the very beginning, Datassential has been defined not by our data, but our incredible team and the relationships they’ve developed with our community of customers. We remain committed to building and strengthening this community by connecting awesome people with awesome data tools. Learn about our commitment to diversity, equity and inclusion through our Diversity & Inclusion Statement.

The Menu Adoption Cycle (MAC)

Every single food, flavor, and ingredient is coded to the MAC to create the most robust framework for understanding, predicting, and leveraging food trends used by hundreds of brands. A trend’s life cycle is defined by where that trend shows up, from Inception level at fine dining restaurants to eventually finding its way to Ubiquity in mainstream supermarket shelves and beyond.

Our Impact

A Massive Menu Change For Food & Beverage

Consumer preferences and purchasing behaviors are changing at unprecedented speeds, and as a result, the menu of strategies traditionally employed by food & beverage companies to effectively reach and engage customers must transform in parallel. Our talented team is focused on helping the food & beverage industry better leverage data and insights to forge their own path forward into the future.

Predict the Future with Haiku.

Map the past and predict the future in one easy to use chart. Haiku is Datassential’s artificial intelligence platform that has dialed in its intelligence with over 10 million menu items. See the road ahead and reduce uncertainty across multiple touchpoints in your business. Haiku predicts trends with 97% directional accuracy – that means it’s insanely accurate.

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