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Bars & Nightclubs in Europe

Growth areas and selling opportunities in the European bar and nightclub market.

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Bars and Nightclub Overview – Europe

Want to sell to European bars and nightclubs?

Check out this overview of the 2023 bar and nightclub landscape in Europe, with details of the top markets that will be the ticket to this diverse world – including top chains, unique features, growth trends and selling opportunities.

This includes a breakdown of the market in key countries, including what percentage of bars and nightclubs are part of a chain vs how many are independent, sales and purchase statistics for the top three markets (UK, Germany and France) and a look at the top three chains in the UK where one in five bar and nightclub venues are chains.

Break down the segment further with a breakdown of bar and nightclub types across 12 key European countries, with a look at the percentage of everything from taverns to wine bars.

What’s inside?

  • European bar and nightclub segment breakdown
  • Breakout of top UK bar chains
  • Sales and purchase data for top European countries

A few insights from this report:

  • Neighborhood bars and taverns account for more than half of all bar/nightclub segment locations across the UK, Germany and France
  • Unit counts are on an upswing in those leading markets
  • UK operator purchases are more than twofold its closest European competitor