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Dessert Decadence

Take a bite of our Desserts Keynote report.

Snack-sized dessert insights

Go ahead and indulge in these sweet insights from our Desserts Keynote report, where you’ll learn where consumers are today in the battle between healthy and indulgent, a host of other insights about desserts, including what we’re craving and when we’re craving them. Because consumers are far from reserving dessert for an after-dinner delight; instead, they’re eating desserts as snacks, at lunch, or even at breakfast (to those who do this, we salute you.)

Whether it’s nostalgia or some other feeling that consumers focus on when selecting a dessert, know that consumers are actually having dessert a lot more than they will admit – and knowing what innovative treats to put in front of them and when to serve them is the key to winning the game of dessert delights. Download this report preview today!

What’s inside?

  • How many consumers are interested in nostalgic desserts
  • The fastest growing dessert daypart
  • New and exciting dessert LTOs and examples of desserts exploding in popularity
  • Recommendations to encourage more away-from-home dessert purchases

A few insights from this report:

  • Nearly all consumers had a dessert within the past week and 63% had one in the past day at the time of our survey
  • Nearly half (47%) of consumers don’t think about the nutritional value of desserts
  • 45% of operators saw an increase in overall dessert sales over the past year