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The ABCs of Gen Alpha

How kids’ meals are changing as parents’ tastes diversify, evolve and social media expands horizons.

Get the latest trends in kids’ food and more

Kids’ meals are not just about chicken nuggets and buttered noodles anymore. Today’s Gen Alpha kids, born between 2011 and 2024, have far more experienced palates, with many of them being the children of foodie millennial parents. They’re also getting a fair amount of exposure to social media, particularly Tik Tok and YouTube, where their interests and tastes are expanding even more.

Top growing foods on kids’ menus today include beef fajitas, boneless wings and mini quesadillas, while top ingredients, sauces and flavors include plant-based chicken, wagyu beef and lemon pepper.

Find out more about the latest trends in kids’ food and where they’re coming from, how menus are evolving to suit them and so much more.

Plus, dive into the latest research on today’s kids changing tastes, including restaurant and grocery habits, and check out some fascinating interviews with industry innovators.

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A few insights from this report:

  • 50% of Gen Alpha parents say they’d be motivated to choose a restaurant if there were build-your-own combo meals for kids
  • Growing dishes on kids’ meals include globally-inspired dishes like pho
  • 68% of Gen Alpha parents take their kids out to eat at restaurants once or twice a week
  • 56% of Gen Alpha kids have their own phones