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Healthy Food Trends 2024

Get a sneak peek at how consumers are defining “healthy” today – and how close they’re coming.


Explore healthy eating trends for 2024

This preview of Datassential’s Healthy Keynote report gives viewers a peek into the complicated view U.S. consumers have regarding health today – not just how they view their own health, but also how they are looking to maintain or improve their health through food and beverage, and how their behaviors and desires are evolving.

A majority of consumers (57%) say they need to eat healthier – and underlying conditions are prevalent, as three-quarters of consumers say they’ve experienced at least one health condition in the last five years. But how they’re going to tackle their health using food and beverage goes far beyond fruits and vegetables – from plant-based products to functional and superfoods.

Fill out the form at the right to get a big bite of healthy insights and use them to drive your business forward. Because “healthy” in 2024 goes hand-in-hand with “complicated” – and consider this your guide to cutting through the noise.

Here’s what else you can learn:

  • The restaurant segment consumers most want to see functional health benefits
  • Consumers ranking of most important health factors
  • Health food growth forecast by category

A few insights from the report:

  • 70% of consumers say that food that is healthy for some may not be healthy for others
  • 77% of consumers believe that functional foods and beverages will help them live longer
  • 63% of consumers take some form of medication