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2023 Midyear Trends Sneak Peek

Food, flavors and key 2023 themes.

2023 Midyear Trend Report

It’s that time of year again… Datassential is unveiling its comprehensive, trend- and prediction-packed Midyear Trend Report with a free preview.

Dive into the annual report that unveils the fastest-growing items on menus today and the highest-scoring items across 40,000+ consumer-rated LTO (Limited Time Offer) concepts, and the handful of concepts (13 in all) that received a perfect score.

Plus, the report features consumer opinions on all the broad food industry trends you need to know now. Learn the latest on AI – and what’s ahead – while examining some menu items that were AI-developed and how they stack up among existing concepts across major metrics from uniqueness to purchase intent.

We’ve also asked questions surrounding what consumers think around customer service and “tipping fatigue” that you won’t want to miss.

And speaking of what consumers want, you’ll want to explore their opinions on “microtrends” or fads showing up at restaurants – and get guidance on which trends are worth jumping on now, in the fall, winter and into 2024.

What’s inside?

  • The fastest-growing item on menus now
  • The menu concepts rated highest by consumers and the biggest menu winner (hint: think breakfast)
  • What menu descriptions are catching consumers’ attention, and what categories consumers most associate with craveability
  • How customers feel about the state of service in the food industry, from customer service to “tipping fatigue,” including how views differ across generations
  • Social trends that matter and how to harness them to reach today’s consumers

A few insights from this report:

  • More than half (54%) of consumers think tipping culture has gotten “out of control”
  • Two-thirds (67%) of consumers want to see microtrends – flash-in-the-pan trends driven by social media – at restaurants and in retail outlets
  • The term “homemade” is the biggest “crave booster” among tested menu concepts