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Pizza Trends 2024

Get a sneak peek at the latest trends in pizza and insights for the pizza industry.


Explore trends in the pizza landscape for 2024

Want to know how consumers’ feelings about one of their favorite foods is changing? Dive into this Pizza Keynote Preview, where you’ll find all the insights you need, from consumers and operators, to evolve a winning pizza program.

From the shift in the types of pizza purveyors that consumers plan to visit in 2024 to how they plan to find a balance between healthy and indulgent, it’s all here to sink your teeth into.

And when it comes to the actual pie, what’s the most important piece? Pizza toppings, pizza crust, cheese, or something else? Also learn the big opportunities that more operators should be taking advantage of, as consumer demand for this option is higher than their availability.

Here’s what else you can learn:

  • Pizza consumption patterns and how they’re changing
  • What operators are most interested in adding to their pizza menus
  • What drives consumers’ pizza plans

A few insights from the report:

  • 66% of consumers had pizza within the last week
  • 87% of consumers are eating as much or more pizza as they did last year
  • 40% of pizza operators plan to offer U.S. regional styles in the future