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Supermarket Trends

Sweep up the latest supermarket prepared foods data with this preview of our Supermarket Prepared Keynote report.

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Fill your cart with supermarket prepared food insights

A majority of customers (79%) claim that they frequent a conventional grocery store at least once a week, and 61% of individuals who shop at supermarkets admit to routinely checking out the prepared food section in search of appetizing options.

In this exclusive preview, gain valuable supermarket prepared food insights to supercharge your grocery strategy, enhance the consumer shopping experience (online to in-store), and drive growth in the prepared foods category.

You’ll get an inside look at new research including data on which prepared foods consumers most often purchase to their biggest grocery store requests, as well as fresh operator stats about expansion plans and much more. And before you complete your “check out” of this issue, dive into potential opportunities for prepared food offerings like meal delivery and meal kits.

Get your copy of the Supermarket Trends Preview report today!

What’s inside?

  • Consumer and operator outlook for the food-at-home segment and grocery industry
  • Key insights on food retailer departments ranging from deli counters to hot food bars
  • Consumer rankings of departments they visited and purchased from most
  • Which generations are most likely to be interested in convenience-driven heat & eat meals

A few insights from this report:

  • 32% of grocery shoppers are likely to purchase fully-prepared meal kits (heat & serve) at supermarkets
  • 34% of grocery shoppers say that the variety and number of options at prepared food operators has improved
  • 88% of supermarket prepared operators expect higher sales in the coming year
  • 56% of supermarket operators plan to expand their prepared food offerings
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