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2023 Midyear Trends Event

Get the latest in food and flavors that consumers are craving, plus all the food industry trends you need to know about now, from “tipflation” to AI.

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Midyear 2023 Food Industry Trends

The food industry is changing rapidly and we’re here to give you the latest on the big trends you need to know, from “tipflation” to AI, and of course, the latest food and flavor trends.

We take a deep dive into all things hospitality, technology, and then unveil the latest data behind what consumers are craving now, and recommendations on how to best market these to the public. (We’ll even take a look at how some AI-created dishes fare with consumers.)

And of course, our Midyear Trend Report would not be complete without our most anticipated menu award winners, where we share fastest-growing menu items including foods, dishes, ingredients, flavors, and menu descriptions. We also let you in on the LTO winners that scored best with consumers so far this year.

For the last of our big three award winners, we unveil our MAC movers – where you get a sneak peek at what trends are resonating with consumers and moving to the next phase of the Menu Adoption Cycle, indicating whether you should act on a new trend or reinvigorate an existing one.

But that’s not all! Listen in to see what trends to look out for in fall and winter.

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Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • Customers’ take on hospitality, including their advice on enhancing the experience
  • The latest in AI and what the future may hold
  • How AI-created dishes fare with consumers
  • Microtrends and how to harness them
  • Fastest-growing dishes, flavors so far this year
  • The most popular limited time offers this year
  • Trends to watch for in fall & winter
  • A sneak peek at 2024 food trends

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