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Tap into Non-Alcoholic Beverage Trends

Capitalize on growing trends in the beverage world.

Brewing up success with non-alcoholic drinks

Exciting, innovative beverages are often the key to higher check averages and keep consumers wanting more. So do yourself and your business a big favor watch this buzzworthy discussion on the new, big trends in coffee and the broader category of non-alcoholic beverages!

Datassential experts Gerald Oksanen, Research & Insights Manager, and Claire Conaghan, Associate Director and Trendologist, discuss the latest research on non-alcoholic beverages, including the types and flavors growing on menus, and what’s poised to come next.

We unveil insights you need into the world of brewed and cold coffee, specialty and blended coffee, iced, and hot tea. And we also give you a strong sampling of some recent inspiration reports that will get your creative juices buzzing with new ideas for winning beverages, and also highlight a round of successful, in-market items that will help point the way toward your own beverage success.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The surprising consumer appeal factor in coffee today
  • The latest trends in the non-alcoholic beverage segment
  • Beverage inspiration that leads to innovation
  • Insights on home and away-from-home consumption


gerald oksanen

Gerald Oksanen

Research & Insights Manager

Gerald Oksanen is a research & insights manager at Datassential on the Content Team, where he blends consumer and operator research into comprehensive, long-form reports. His favorite areas of focus include consumer behavior in the face of a rapidly-changing technological landscape, automation, as well as innovative, emerging trends like 3D printing and more ubiquitous digitalization. Prior to Datassential he worked with consumer insights at SPINS, a natural CPG research firm in Chicago, and at Protein Bar, a natural, organic fast casual restaurant chain. He has a bachelor’s degree in anthropology from the University of Illinois at Chicago and a certificate in market research from the University of Georgia.

claire conaghan

Claire Conaghan

Trendologist & Associate Director, Publications

Claire is in charge of the syndicated content for Datassential’s presentation-ready insights library, Report Pro. She’s been part of the Datassential team for over a decade. When she applied for her role at Datassential her cover letter stated “I am not only passionate about market research and data analysis, but have a love for all things culinary. I enjoy dining out, cooking in, and introducing people to new foods.” which holds true today. Datassential’s tools are her happy place and a job that allows her to spend all day finding new food trends and playing with data is a dream come true. She has a BS in Decision Science and a BA in Hispanic Studies from Carnegie Mellon University. She is a hobby veggie gardener and mom to two budding foodies.