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Harnessing Data for Intelligent Pricing

In this special-edition webinar for the foodservice industry, see how menu prices are shifting and discover the strategic advantage of hyper-local pricing.

Activate smarter pricing and more profits with the right data

Many restaurant operators have raised prices in recent years to account for tougher economic conditions overall – but it hasn’t gone unnoticed: 92% of consumers say that food prices have been too high for too long.

While restaurants must tread carefully to avoid alienating customers, operators also need to increase revenue in the face of high inflation and still-rising food costs.

Today more than ever, chain operators and their partners must be in-the-know around menu pricing in the segments and categories that matter – and understand why hyper-local pricing holds the key to maximizing profits and helping restaurants compete like never before.

Watch Megan Lynberg, VP of Sales, and Alison Watson, Associate Director, in this 30-minute webinar where we cover:

  • The latest data around how pricing is trending at foodservice
  • How to be the first to know about price variations within the segments, categories and chains that matter to you
  • Ways to identify opportunities for individual restaurant locations to optimize pricing
  • Finding the sweet spot where you’ll attract customers with competitive prices, while also maximizing profits

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