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Spice Up Summer: The Hottest Food Trends to Savor

Discover sizzling and informative summer trends that are sure to bring the heat. We cover the hottest seasonal summer foods — both in terms of their popularity and their level on the Scoville scale. Plus, explore fun and surprising stadium bites and vacation eats, and so much more.

Consumer Insights, Food Trends, Foodservice, Webinar

Sizzling Summer Trends

These trends are hot in more ways than one. Learn about seasonal summer trends, and those that bring the heat, including trending pepper varieties, what consumers want from spicy dishes and other spicy foods that consumers’ increasingly crave. Whether it’s global flavors that bring the heat or added spice in the snack aisle, we cover it in all its sweltering forms.

Plus, is it really summer if we don’t talk about vacations and our favorite fair-weather pastimes? We share insights on our latest recreation report and discuss how we eat differently on vacation (we promise it’s not just you!) We also talk about more summer fun, like some rare and interesting baseball stadium foods.

Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • The latest seasonal summer trends
  • New data behind spice – and consumers’ love of it
  • Trending spicy flavors on our radar
  • Vacation eats and how they differ from our usual diet
  • Strange and unique stadium foods and other summer bites

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