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Transform Your Global Sales Strategy

Join us for an insight-packed webinar on how to boost your foodservice sales across 60+ countries with a modern, targeted approach.

Sell smarter with the world’s largest sales intelligence solution

Whether you’re a small business looking to go global or an established brand seeking new growth opportunities, this webinar is designed to provide you with actionable insights and strategies to boost your foodservice sales and diversify your customer base across global markets. Armed with data from over nine million operators across 60+ countries (and tracking more than 70+ attributes), you’ll quickly uncover new sales opportunities and unit-level insights that enable your sales teams to sell more with less effort.

Join our experts Jody Healey (VP Sales, EMEA), Ryan Robichaud (Sales Leader), and Marie Molde (Director, Product Marketing) for this 30-minute webinar on Thursday, April 18th at 10am CT / 4pm BST where we’ll cover how to:

  • Unlock your highest potential global foodservice sales universe
  • Uncover the most profitable operator prospects for your business
  • Leverage robust analytics capabilities to inform winning global sales strategies
  • And more!


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