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Concept Testing Best Practices

Maximize new menu item or product line success with this proven recipe for innovation.


Concept Testing

Learn how to test new concept ideas and identify the winners

Developing a new menu item or product can be hit or miss, but it doesn’t have to be. Successful innovations or renovations follow an established framework prior to launch, beginning with food trend discovery and progressing through to consumer testing. 

Getting consumer feedback on a new menu item is the easiest and most effective way to funnel many ideas down to best bets, yet there are important considerations to make along the way. Assessing the relevant menu or food/beverage category, tracking trends, researching consumer preferences, and writing great menu descriptions are all critical steps in the process. 

And once consumer ratings are obtained, the raw scores alone do not determine success. Meaningful concept testing requires benchmarking the raw percentages against ideal standards, to understand where your new idea ranks in comparison to other similar concepts that have passed a rigorous development process before launching into the marketplace.

And “safe experimentation” is a must for successful menu development and concept creation, ensuring that new ideas have an aspect that’s different and exciting (experimentation), but are also rooted in something familiar to consumers (safe). 

Download the white paper to learn Datassential’s best practices for successful concept testing for menus and retail, to ensure your new ideas win with today’s consumers.

What’s inside?

  • How to practice ‘informed ideation’ in your creative process
  • The most critical metrics that predict your concept’s success
  • How to test: the right test at the right time
  • Testing options for targeted sampling, pricing, and assortment
  • Rules of thumb for writing great concept descriptions
  • How to interpret concept testing results
  • The hallmark of great concept ideas, and how to leverage it

Don’t sell yourself short with innovation – separate the true winners with Concept Testing

  • Learn best practices for developing successful concepts
  • Identify the most critical metrics that predict your concept’s success
  • Leverage ‘safe experimentation’ in your innovation process
Best Practices in Concept Testing