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Datassential Unveils Unrivaled AI-Powered Competitive Menu Pricing Solution for Food and Beverage Companies

More than 84% of chains tracked by Datassential had at least one price change in the last 30 days

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CHICAGO – June 29, 2023 – Datassential, the leading food and beverage intelligence platform connecting the dots between consumers and the food industry, today announced it has introduced a new pricing solution, Price Monitor, that leverages AI to standardize and code menu items to give restaurant companies an unparalleled view of price variations across menu items, locations over time, and in comparison to local competitors. 

Historically, large restaurant chains have had visibility into their own pricing, but access to competitor pricing at a location-by-location or “street” level has typically been done manually, sporadically, or not at all. And recent inflationary pressures have exacerbated the risks of both overpricing and losing volume or underpricing and sacrificing margin. With a comprehensive and consistent solution like Price Monitor, access to this information is now available at the touch of a button. 

“For clients who were doing this type of work manually, we have both increased the speed and completeness of their efforts,” said Dana Konwiser, Chief Product Officer at Datassential. “For those that weren’t doing it, we have opened up a world of new information ripe for mining of insights and guiding actions.”

Price Monitor employs artificial intelligence to allow Datassential clients to not only examine pricing strategies across a number of major competitors, but to see how these strategies change over time. Menu items are coded to allow for easy comparisons across competitor restaurant chains, even when they don’t offer the exact same items. 

Clients have access to the data in easy-to-read dashboards. Dashboards can be customized to make the data easy to access, download, and use to plan a winning pricing strategy. 

Price Monitor now captures data across 90,000 location specific major restaurant brand menus each month and growing. If you’d like to know more about Price Monitor by Datassential or for a demonstration, reach out here

This article was originally published on PR Newswire.

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