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Case Study

Accelerated product launch and sales team success

Barilla is the leading brand of dry pastas in the US with Italian roots that date back to 1877.

As Marketing Manager for Barilla for Professional’s U.S. division, Jeanette Gerger came into the job ready to accept the challenge of growing this business. With a background in consumer research, Jeanette viewed unfettered access to reliable, up-to-date industry research and data as critical to her success.


Upon starting at Barilla in 2019, Jeanette faced challenges with Barilla’s then-chosen tools. Overall, the systems were cumbersome to self-navigate, and it was often difficult to determine what support was included within existing agreements. Obstacles in getting to data/insights and time-consuming processes just meant wasted research funds.

Needed unfettered access to reliable, up-to-date industry research and data

Incumbent systems were cumbersome to self-navigate

Too much time spent gathering data and understanding contracts


Jeanette was immediately impressed with Datassential. Not only did they have the data and intelligence she had been seeking, but she also loved how incredibly easy the tools were to use. Yet, the thing that really sold her on Datassential was the people she interacted with.

Incredibly easy to use tools

Collaborative partner

Highly actionable data for a meaningful impact


Led by Jeanette’s passion for data and research combined with the simplicity of using Datassential tools, teams across Barilla started leveraging the insights the platform offered to deliver better outcomes – whether it was the retail team using consumer trends data to power innovation around flavor extensions or the field sales team using operator insights to become value-added partners. Datassential has enhanced processes and outcomes across the organization.

Datassential also helped Jeanette transform the foodservice team into an engine of innovation. An example of this is the launch of Barilla Frozen®, a brand-new offering. Leveraging Datassential’s COVID-19 research that discussed how stretched restaurant chefs were looking for ways to reduce turnaround time in the kitchen and products that were time- and labor-saving, Jeanette made a successful case to test and ultimately launch frozen pasta. Given the immense operator needs, project timelines were accelerated to bring this to market quickly. The COVID-19 research coupled with SALES INTELLIGENCE data helped the sales team prospect and target key operators and foodservice segments once launched. Early indicators from the accelerated launch, especially feedback from operators, continues to be very positive.

Successful case to test and ultimately launch Barilla Frozen®, a new offering

Helped the sales team prospect and target key operators and foodservice segments

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