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Case Study

Reduced cost of concept testing by 75% while driving more successful LTO launches

This Datassential client is a top 200 burger chain serving an innovative selection of high-quality gourmet burgers in a family-friendly atmosphere.

Given competitive pressures and changing consumer preferences and tastes, innovation was one of the highest priorities for this chain. When the current Director of Innovation joined the company as the Senior Manager of Innovation in 2013, they were tasked with ideating and testing as many concepts as they could, with the hopes of launching at least one new product in each of this chain’s promotional windows.


After working with a small concept testing vendor that this chain had partnered with for years, the Director of Innovation felt the process was too time consuming, inflexible, and expensive to meet their goals. Additionally, the vendor didn’t provide a good way to benchmark their concepts against competitive offerings. They knew to thrive in their new role, they needed to find a new concept testing solution as soon as possible.

Competitive pressures & changing consumer preferences require innovation

Previous concept testing vendor was slow, inflexible, & expensive

Needed a game-changer that would help them achieve 1-2 successful rollouts


Upon researching alternative vendors, the Director of Innovation came across Datassential’s LAUNCHES & RATINGS platform, cutting-edge technology for concept testing designed specifically for the foodservice industry. The sales representative they started working with was extremely responsive and moved quickly to set up a true beta test for their team. Upon reviewing results, all the organizational stakeholders involved in the beta testing, including their business intelligence team, were blown away by Datassential’s speed and accuracy. The Director of Innovation was up and running conducting concept testing in LAUNCHES & RATINGS within weeks.

Switched to Datassential’s cutting-edge concept testing designed for foodservice

Quickly trained others in the organization to utilize the easy-to-use interface

Leveraged data collected in concept testing to improve go-to-market strategy


“Datassential is revolutionizing how innovation is managed within the foodservice community.”

– Director of Innovation, Top 200 Burger Chain


Not only was Datassential cost effective and far more efficient, but the launches were also unparalleled in their success. In fact, the chain has launched some of its most successful LTOs in the past decade by leveraging Datassential’s LAUNCHES & RATINGS concept testing platform, exceeding even the most optimistic internal expectations. Since partnering with Datassential, this chain has been able to scale back on the amount of in-market testing of LTOs, leading to significantly reduced time to market and cost of product development.

Went from testing 25 concepts to 100 concepts per year for the same price

Launched some of their most successful LTOs in the past decade


“I love Datassential – I love the product, the support we get, the thought-leadership it offers to the industry. I am a forever customer.”

– Director of Innovation, Top 200 Burger Chain

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