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Case Study

Saved hours of research time and increased speed to market

Since 1935, Standard Meat Company (SMC) has offered custom cut, carefully crafted meat products.

Originally established to service restaurants and hotels in the Dallas- Fort Worth area, the company now has expanding facilities that supply national and international restaurants and retailers. Product wise, SMC’s specialty is portion- controlled cuts; meat aging; bone-in products; slicing, dicing, and grinding; and retail packaging/private labeling. From a solutions standpoint, their expertise is using best- in-class data to equip their innovation team of experts with data-driven solutions to provide to customers.


When Zach Calkins joined SMC in early 2022 as Executive Chef, the company did not have a current research partner and the team needed to quickly procure a solution to help drive innovation, back new product development, and confidently answer customer inquiries on their bespoke products and business opportunities. Zach knew from his previous work experience that market research and trend data are essential to moving the innovation process forward and supporting strategic business decisions. 

Needed to quickly procure a solution to help drive innovation

Didn’t have a research partner to help back new product development

Needed confidence answering customer inquiries on their bespoke products and business opportunities


Zach was immediately impressed with Datassential’s easy- to-use platform and insights on specific food products. Today, SMC subscribes to Datassential’s MenuTrends, Flavor, Report Pro, and Firefly. Zach’s team effortlessly searches through millions of data points to surface new information to help customers make more confident decisions, such as menu pricing for better forecasting or emerging trends in the meat category for new product development.

Subscribed to Datassential’s MenuTrends, Flavor, ReportPro, and Firefly

Had access to millions of data points to help customers make more confident decisions

Datassential’s easy-to-use platform provided insights on specific food products


Instead of spending hours of time searching for the right data, now Zach can quickly get the answers he needs for his team and SMC’s customers. Not only does leveraging information for brand partners better position SMC’s products, but it also helps Zach’s team more confidently sell and make strategic decisions.

Able to more confidently sell and make data-backed strategic decisions

Streamlined product development and provide our brand partners smart insights for decision-making

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