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Case Study

Helped secure over 12 top sales calls following one industry conference


Founded in 2019, NUMU is a vegan mozzarella brand designed to make the best tasting and textured cheese for pizza, pasta, sandwiches, and more.

Frustrated by the lack of a great vegan pizza, NUMU founder Gunars Elmuts began tinkering with recipes in his kitchen, followed by partnering with independent pizza restaurants around NYC to perfect the recipe. The pizza operators were consistently wowed that NUMU tastes and performs just like dairy mozzarella, and today a large number of New York City restaurants choose NUMU for their menus. With the same melt, taste and texture of dairy cheese, NUMU is free of dairy, lactose, casein, GMOs and cholesterol.


As a startup in a vibrantly growing category with a very specific single-product focus and go-to-market strategy, NUMU’s Senior Vice President of Sales Tom Zilligen recognized that the first step in nationally building out their company is having the right data to make the NUMU team experts in the space and substantiate their plans and focus. Tom knew the right data partner was critical to inform and effectively illustrate NUMU’s value proposition and points of differentiation in the most efficient and credible manner possible, as well as drive brand awareness and help secure meetings and demos with target restaurant prospects.

Startup entering a vibrantly growing category with a single-product focus

Needed the right data to substantiate national rollout plans

Sought data partner to illustrate their value proposition and points of differentiation


Tom reached out to Datassential seeking the right tools to guide NUMU’s national rollout and was delighted to find that this quality and depth of data exists for foodservice. Directed by NUMU’s priorities, Tom subscribed to the MENU TRENDS solution that will guide NUMU’s rollout strategy and value proposition, as well as future product development and innovation. To ensure NUMU is engaging with the right targets at the right time, NUMU also subscribed to Datassential’s SALES INTELLIGENCE capabilities to identify the best sales targets, increase conversion rates, and expand the value NUMU delivers to their customers.

Subscribed to Datassential’s menu trends capabilities to guide rollout and future innovation

Subscribed to Datassential’s sales intelligence capabilities to identify and convert the best targets

Datassential’s data enables them to “know what they don’t know”


Datassential has been a critical tool to building the foundation of our company and direction.

– Tom Zilligen, Senior Vice President of Sales


Thanks to the partnership with Datassential, NUMU is now prepared for and is activating sales conversations that establish their small company as the most dependable and data-backed partner in their product category. Backed up Datassential data, NUMU is capable of being a true ally with their customers by supporting their needs in a multitude of ways beyond the transaction, by providing intelligent data-driven direction for overall development in promotions, demographics, trend insights, menu development, and more. Datassential’s data allows the NUMU team to know the food industry intimately and have insights into “knowing what they don’t know,” which allows them to work from a powerful service mindset with their customers.

Datassential data was used to inform NUMU’s sales materials for the foodservice channel, effectively demonstrating the potential of the plant based cheese category and the value NUMU delivers. NUMU’s partnership with Datassential has had nearly immediate sales benefits, too, as Tom was able to secure over 12 sales calls with top restaurant and C&U operator prospects following a recent conference because he was able to speak intelligently with attendees about the category and their challenges, demonstrating NUMU’s position as a well-informed leader in the space.

Activating sales conversations that establish their company as the most data-backed partner in their product category

Being a true ally for their customers, supporting needs beyond the transaction

Nearly immediate sales benefits, securing over 12 sales calls following one industry conference

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