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Datassential Blends Food and Beverage Expertise with Legacy of AI to Take Guesswork out of Predicting Future Trends

AI solution Menucast predicts food and flavor trends with 98% accuracy

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CHICAGO – October 5, 2023 – Datassential, the leading food and beverage intelligence platform connecting the dots between consumers and the food industry, seamlessly blends its two decades of historical data and AI expertise to offer unparalleled future flavor and ingredient predictions. 

Datassential first debuted its AI-powered trend forecast solution, Menucast, formerly Haiku, in 2018. Through continuous improvements and upgrades, Menucast can predict the future of flavor and ingredient trends with 98% accuracy. 

“Since we’ve been in the food trend prediction game significantly longer than anyone else, we’ve had time to optimize our algorithms for the utmost accuracy,” said Emily Tang, Datassential’s SVP of Product Management. 

While AI has gotten a lot of attention recently, the key to optimizing AI to predict the future of food trends requires extensive knowledge about the past, and frequent, regular input from subject matter experts to guide AI to attain the highest level of accuracy. 

Datassential is the only company that can connect the dots from pre-COVID to post-COVID, and allow clients to see with certainty, for example, if an ingredient is growing or merely reverting to pre-pandemic levels. 

And Menucast is constantly being evolved to ensure accurate predictions of ingredients and flavors in the future. 

“A lot of companies can tell me what’s going on with my brand now or in the past, but I have always looked for what’s going to happen in the future,” said Adam Friedman, Foodservice Sales Director for Mexilink Inc., the U.S. distributor and salesforce for Tajín USA. “That type of information is incredibly actionable. I had no idea the AI tool was that powerful.” 

Menucast is currently available to subscribers of Datassential’s Menu and Consumer package. To learn more, reach out here

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Datassential is the leading global food and beverage intelligence platform providing guidance on trends, competitive benchmarking, and sales intelligence. Through a suite of AI-powered solutions, an intuitive UI, and proprietary data, the food and beverage ecosystem relies on Datassential to more effectively develop, market, and sell their products. Founded in 2001, Datassential powers insights and sales intelligence for brands including Burger King, DoorDash, General Mills, Land O’ Lakes, Pepsi, Starbucks, Target, and more.

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