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Datassential Transforms Menu Innovation by Making Food & Beverage Concept Creation Easier than Ever

The industry’s first generative AI-powered food and beverage innovation studio helps create and optimize ideas in real-time

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CHICAGO, April 4, 2024 – Datassential, the leading food and beverage insights platform connecting the dots between consumers and the food industry, has released a significant upgrade of its first-of-its-kind concept creation tool set to redefine how food and beverage companies develop winning menu items and limited-time offers. 

Concept Ideation offers instant, data-backed and AI-powered feedback for every aspect of a food or beverage concept, blending culinary art and data science to predict how consumers will react to new food and beverage ideas. The new capabilities announced today allow users to create even better, more craveable concepts. 

Now, users don’t have to start with a blank slate. They can generate instant inspiration through real-world, in-market items or AI-generated suggestions to help bring detail to a broad idea, such as a plant-based burger, a nostalgic dessert or late-night snack. The inspiration can also be tailored according to what works in any type of restaurant, or even be designed for a specific segment or individual chain.

With Concept Ideation, users can take their inspiration, hone it using immediate ingredient-level feedback and incorporate suggestions for further optimizations to maximize appeal, uniqueness, and more. 

“The new Concept Ideation capabilities are not just enhancements; they’re a significant leap forward in how our customers can approach the creative process,” said Dana Konwiser, Datassential’s President and Chief Operating Officer. “By leveraging the latest in AI technology and Datassential’s deep food and beverage data, we’re providing our clients with unprecedented tools to dream up, refine, and visualize the next big thing in dining.”

Further enhancing the creation process is the new ability to generate images based on the concepts that are created – an indispensable asset that can be used in concept testing, customer presentations and more. 

Concept Ideation has been helping food and beverage makers create and hone winning food and beverage creations with the aid of instant, data-backed and AI-powered feedback since 2018. Concept Ideation is available for subscribers. To become a subscriber, click here

This article first appeared on PRNewswire