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Midyear Trends: Leading Food and Menu Trends

Food Trends, Webinar

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Recorded on July 21, 2022


Datassential’s Jack Li, Mike Kostyo, and Claire Conaghan share exciting highlights from our new Midyear Trends Report. Learn what consumers will do in the months ahead, the latest menu winners and fastest-growing items in MenuTrends, the top Menu Adoption Cycle movers and discover where leading food trends are on the trend curve, what consumers’ preferences are today, and more!

What the webinar covers:

  • Consumer behavior from QSRs to fine dining
  • What food, flavors, ingredients & dishes grew the fastest on menus in the past year (Including ranch water, birria, mangonada & more!)
  • Annual trend movers including affogato, dessert hummus, crab rangoon and others
  • 2022 LTO winners from major chains that scored highest in purchase intent, uniqueness, frequency, draw and delivery appeal
  • A preview to the top seasonal sweet and savory flavors for fall and winter
  • And much more!

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