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Maximized selling time and increased conversion rates

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TreeHouse Foods, Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of private label packaged foods and beverages.  Simply put, it is the “supplier” to its customers’ brands across North America and Italy for retail grocery, foodservice and industrial customers.  

The Illinois-based firm operates in 29 product categories across meal prep and snacking & beverage.  As its customers strive to anticipate new food trends and meet evolving customer needs,  innovation, agility, and efficiency have long been essential to TreeHouse Foods’ success and growth. 


Norman McKoy, Director of Food Away From Home Sales at TreeHouse Foods, is responsible for managing a National Accounts team and developing channel-specific strategies.  To do this successfully requires him to have a thorough understanding of the product category as well as good insight into customer needs and pain points.  However, with a lean team, time is not always on Norm’s side.  “I have to cover a lot of ground in my role so I need to ensure I maximize efficiency while also delivering results.  Access to high-quality data really helps me to achieve this,” commented Norman when he was describing the importance of data in his role.

Required insight into consumer needs and pain points to sell effectively

Lean team meant limited time to spend on research

Overlap in data providers meant resources weren’t being properly utilized


The Food Away From Home division was working with both Datassential and another market research provider when Norman joined the team in 2017. “Both vendors had great products, but there was definite overlap in the data I was receiving,” recalled Norman. Norman eventually made the decision to pare down the team’s subscription with the other market researcher, mainly to free up some of his research budget for reallocation. “I was getting menu data from both vendors and decided it wasn’t a good use of my limited research dollars. I chose to go with Datassential because, in addition to good data, it was easy to use and the relationship with my account reps felt like true partnership,” citing Datassential’s weekly briefing sessions during the COVID-19 pandemic as an example of how the company is always going above and beyond to support its customers.  

Pared down the research partnerships, sticking only with Datassential

Datassential’s weekly COVID-19 briefings also demonstrated how the company goes above and beyond to support customers

In addition to great data, Datassential’s team feels like true partners


“The platform is so easy to use. I always see what Datassential insights and data I can add to whatever I am working on, whether its product training for the broker team, preparing for a bid, or research for an upcoming sales meeting.” More specifically, Norman cited a few examples of how knowing what the customer has done in terms of innovation over the last two years combined with thorough knowledge of the local market and emerging trends has allowed him to make solid first impressions. “Datassential allows me to have more intelligent and impactful conversations with customers. We can offer ideas and recommendations during our very first meeting,” Norman said when asked about the impact Datassential has. 

The platform is so easy to use, selling time is maximized and enhanced

The data is highly versatile and used across product trainings, bid preparation, and sales meetings

Enables more intelligent and impactful conversations with customers

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