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Overcoming the Data Drought in European Food and Hospitality Industries

Europe, Foodservice, Sales Effectiveness

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The Hospitality, Restaurant, and Catering or Cafés (HoReCa) sector has long been plagued by a lack of reliable data, hindering its ability to make informed decisions and optimise operations. Businesses in the food and beverage industry that proactively tackle the challenge of data scarcity are not only surviving but thriving in today’s fiercely competitive market, setting themselves apart as industry leaders and innovators.

Success today requires a modern, data-driven approach – this is no longer a luxury but a necessity. By leveraging restaurant analytics from 2.7 million HoReCa establishments across Europe and 9 million globally, food and beverage manufacturers and distributors can transform their operations. This wealth of data enables them to acquire and connect with top prospects, gain a profound understanding of consumer eating habits, and adapt swiftly to market changes, gain market shares and leave competitors behind.

It might mean better customer relationships, more and better quality leads, a clear view of the market in terms of structure or brand/product power and a better observation of what competitors are doing. In short, it is a secret weapon for market success.

The Transformative Power of Data

Discover Strategic Breakthroughs

Access to a vast library of topical reports providing in-depth analysis of key European foodservice segments, issues, and trends, along with detailed operator data for major European countries, allows users to spot emerging trends early, react accordingly and focus marketing efforts and attention on the right markets and areas. As a prime example, Datassential’s latest report offers crucial insights into Europeans’ diverse lunch habits, revealing contrasts between countries. Compared to other Europeans, consumers in Spain and the UK are more likely to eat lunch away from home. And while the data shows most Europeans eat lunch solo, whether at home or away from home, in Spain it is a more communal affair. Nearly half of the Spaniards surveyed prefer to have lunch with one or more family members.

Boost Sales Performance

Sales teams can create more quality leads with higher success rates by knowing better who they are talking to. Armed with detailed data and more than 70+ operator intelligence attributes such as location, cuisine type or purchase potential, they’ll target the right outlets with the right products and personalized offers, understanding exactly what each outlet needs for a smoother sales process. This improves sales efficiency and success rates. But that’s not all.

Unlock Hidden Potential

A seamless integration with Salesforce allows users to view customer data and purchase history along with enriched account and lead information without leaving the platform, streamlining workflow and maximizing efficiency. The integration allows for a quick search of a specific operator and has the option to generate a list of operators matching prospecting criteria, allowing teams to uncover and focus on the most promising opportunities.

Datassential supports the entire food and beverage ecosystem around the globe. The vast number of reports and amount of data adds value for all customer types and teams, including manufacturers, operators, retailers, distributors, & service providers. Learn more about unlocking success in the European foodservice market.

Raphaëlle Agier is Datassential’s Vice President of Customer Experience for EMEA and Latin America.