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A Crystal Ball for the Future of Food: Introducing Report Pro

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Over half a million new websites are created every day. On average, humans’ produce 2.5 quintillion bytes of data each day.  


As food professionals, this overwhelming amount of information can make it seem downright impossible to stay on top of the trends driving consumer food and beverage choices. Once your team thinks they understand the latest flavor craze, or finally have a handle on the plant-based trend sweeping menus and retail aisles, consumers have moved on to the next big thing. Even a pandemic could not stop Americans’ fascination with food – and, if anything, it reinforced the need for trusted information to guide your business decisions.


That’s why Datassential created the Report Pro content library: to put the most relevant industry news and information at your fingertips, so you and your team are prepared for the consumer demands of both today and tomorrow. 


Report Pro is designed with the food industry professional in mind and contains consumer and operator research, emerging and established trends, and tons of real-world examples so you never have to leave your desk to feel like a food industry expert.


The Breakdown

Datassential’s Report Pro library is the industry’s smartest research content platform. Now you can stream market intelligence reports in the same way you stream TV and music, with one key difference: no endless scrolling to find what you need.  The Report Pro library, accessed through Datassential’s industry-leading SNAP! portal, brings Datassential’s next-generation design and thinking to streamline your information consumption. 


With multiple subscriptions to choose from, you can choose the best fit for your team’s needs.


Trend Pro: For the Creator

Trend Pro is for the creator – the culinary innovator or research and development professional in both foodservice and/or retail. Pre-COVID, new product development often included an immersion tour to experience the latest foods, beverages, and flavors and inspire your next creation. While we can’t wait to tour with you again, one thing COVID has taught us is the power of adaptation, which is why Trend Pro can replace or augment those firsthand immersions. Trend Pro has everything you need to kick off your next innovation spring, whether from your desk or on the road, including:

  • TrendSpotting issues covering restaurants and dishes across the regional U.S. and around the globe.
  • Presentation-ready Category Inspiration Reports full of menu data and best-in-class real-world trend examples at both restaurants and retailers.
  • Culinary Keynote research capturing consumer and operator sentiment to really dive into a food and its many formats, flavors, or ingredients.

TrendPro will give you an endless stream of ideas to keep ahead of what consumers want next.



Insights Pro: For the Consumer Insights Expert

Insights Pro is all about helping you understand the consumer – how they make decisions, what they want, and how their tastes and habits are changing. While you’ll still find food trends in this package, Insights Pro is more focused on the larger food themes and opportunities that your teams need to understand for success. Consumers are embracing trends like plant-based foods, automation, and cannabis and it is vital to understand how they may impact your business in the short and long term. Support your team’s learning plans, from analysts to C-Suite members, with the latest up-to-date information including:

  • Highly in-depth Annual Macro Trends deck covering key economic indicators, demographic shifts, policy changes, segment outlooks, and consumer shifts.
  • Presentation-ready topical consumer research reports on the latest trends everyone is buzzing about like ghost restaurants, cannabis, and sustainability.
  • Consumer Keynote research capturing consumer and operator sentiment to really dive into overarching topics and evaluate longer-term initiatives.

Insights Pro is designed to make sense of the ‘big’ trends, and how you can leverage them.


Foodservice Pro: For Sales & Strategy

Foodservice Pro has everything your sales and strategy teams need to win with customers big and small. Spanning all segments where food is served, as well as street-level and national restaurant accounts, your teams will be elevated from “just another supplier” to “a true partner” to customers. Truly understanding the challenges a chef or procurement officer faces is how relationships are transformed and understanding your customer base is how new product placements are discovered. Help your customers seize new opportunities through:

  • Operator insights uncovering end-to-end need states including purchasing, back-of-the-house, menu support, labor issues, and so much more from Datassential’s operator panel.
  • Segment Keynote research capturing consumer and operator sentiment to really dive into segment trends and consumer need states.
  • A snapshot of the Firefly Top 500 chains to understand the characteristics of best-in-class chain players competing with both national and street-level accounts.

Foodservice Pro is designed with the food sales professional in mind to take your business to the next level.


Ultra: For Sales & Strategy

Feel like you want it all? We don’t blame you — it all feels essential in an increasingly complex landscape, and an Ultra subscription is the ultimate subscription, with unlimited access to the full library.


Regardless of the subscription, unlimited access to thousands of topics and curated reports at your fingertips through Datassential’s Report Pro will simplify your information needs and move your initiatives forward.


For more information on Report Pro, and what Datassential can do for you, contact our sales team at