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The 2024 Plant-Forward Opportunity Report

Keep a pulse on evolving consumer attitudes towards plant-based foods, and learn how digital media is helping change minds.

Plant-Based Opportunity

This 2024 Datassential Plant-Forward Opportunity Report, in partnership with The Culinary Institute of America, Food for Climate League, and the Menus of Change University Research Collaborative, is an annual study that delves into consumer expectations around plant-forward foods and beverages in an effort to arm foodservice operators with the knowledge to optimize their menus.

This year, the report also features a focus on digital media – whether that’s YouTube, X, Instagram, TikTok and other services – and an analysis on how consumers are influenced in the virtual world and what motivates their behavior and attitudes toward plant-based eating.

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What’s inside?

  • Boomers are the generation with the largest percentage of flexitarians
  • Gen Z consumers are most likely to be vegetarians
  • Taste is the biggest barrier for consumers to eat more plant-based items
  • Older consumers are more likely to see plant-forward foods portrayed as light, but also bland and expensive compared to their younger peers

Highlights from this issue:

  • Two-thirds of Americans have made at least one concrete change to their diet based on digital media content – regardless of usage
  • One in three consumers says they are willing to pay more for plant-forward menu items
  • A quarter of U.S. consumers now limit meat in their diet
  • More than a third of all consumers say that digital content has made them more willing to try plant-forward dishes