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Menu Design Trends

The recipe for a perfect menu.

Foodbytes Menu Design Trends Cover

What do consumers want on a menu?

The menu is an essential part of the dining experience. It’s one of the first things a guest sees in a restaurant and has to do many things: Underscore a brand’s message, introduce new or special items, point out notable preparation techniques, differentiators (like sustainably caught or grass fed) and alert consumers to allergens or dishes that adhere to special diets – and that’s all before picking a dish or selecting a drink.

Menus have grown more complicated in recent years, as well, with the addition of digital menus and the balance between printed and newer options. In this free report, you can find out just what consumers are looking for from menus today, what they’re not, how operators update them and some standout design examples and plenty of tips.

So dive in and take inspiration on how to ensure your menu is enticing, fun, and meets the needs of the modern consumer.

What’s inside?

  • Consumers views on paper vs. digital menus
  • What consumers really want highlighted on menus
  • Menu standouts and operator perspectives

Get ideas and inspiration for menu design

Highlights from this issue:

  • Only a third of consumers think a foodservice operator must always have a paper menu
  • 18% of consumers want sourcing information on a menu
  • 15% of operators say they update their menus weekly